China Pre-ban AK 47 s

China Pre-ban AK 47 s

This Chinese AK 47 was imported right here in MASSACHUSETTS so long ago, that it pre-dates Norinco or Polytech. This rifle was likely imported in the late 70's to early 80-81ish. It's very difficult to date this one. The folding stock, bayonet lug and threads are all intact and it comes with the cleaning rod and a pre-ban, Chinese flat-back magazine. The prior owner made a bunch of "upgrades (depends how you look at it)" by adding Tritium night sights and Gen2 Universal Handguards by Midwest Industries, Inc. with rails and a dedicated new gas tube. The rifle has a new aftermarket rubberized handgrip. 

It's sitting pretty as is, but being a fan of older Chinese AK's, I am actively trying to get the original parts from the prior owner. 



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