Chinese SKS Sporter (AK mags)

Chinese SKS Sporter (AK mags)

This Chinese SKS sporter is a perfect rifle for MA residents who want to avoid owning an AK 47, but want the functionality and reliability of the AK with the accuracy of an SKS. This rifle was designed to accept  AK 47 magazines and/or drums, which are plentiful. This is not a conversion, but a factory design. This early 1994 rifle is MA ok, as it was imported prior to the 9/94 cutoff. These are rare and have increased in value and will likely never go down in price, especially if the current administration is successful banning and/or taxing AK's. 

This rifle will come with a 30 round, pre-ban magazine of undetermined origin (Chinese or Eastern European pre-ban likely depending on availability). 



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