GSAD China 56s spiker

GSAD China 56s spiker

This GSAD imported China AK is among the first AK variants ever imported into the USA. This rifle was imported in 1984. This is the lowest SN I have ever seen and this is among the first to ever be imported. This rifle is almost mint condition, with a few minor handling marks. It is all matching, including the original box, insert, strap (not pictured but has the red vinyl ring), 3 original magazines, cleaning kit ect. The box is serialized to the gun. This rifle is referred to as "The Holy Grail of Chi-Com AK's" on the AK 47 forum. I have extracted the known info about this rifle, which pre-dates Norinco- made in Jing-An factory where the Chinese secret police made weapons. 


I extracted the known history of these rifles and will cut and paste what I know here: "Golden State Arms Distributors, Inc. (GSAD)Golden State Arms Distributors, Inc. (GSAD) was incorporated in California in July 1984. This business was another surplus arms importer, with a retail store located at 1097 Aviation Blvd. in Hermosa Beach, CA (N/W corner of Prospect at Aviation). They utilized a warehouse at 630 Mary Ann Drive in Redondo Beach, CA. The importer marking on a number of their surplus imports indicated GSAD MANH. BEA., CA, presumably for Manhattan Beach, CA.This company and it's owner were not affiliated with Golden State Arms of Pasadena, CA or any of their affiliated company names.================================================================= Golden State Arms Distribution located in California. They had many locations including Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, and Santa Fe, CA. These guns are the most mysterious as they arrived in America about the same time as the Clayco guns, except they had less manufacturing markings. They simply state 7.62x39mm “Made in China” GSAD, in a usually faint roll stamping, that’s it…no factory codes and no exporter markings. Many argue these got here before the Claycos, thus the reason for the additional markings on the Claycos. The majority of these rifles were bought up by companies in Hollywood to be used in the production of movies and have come to be referred to as “movie guns.” In the late 1980s, production of movies showcasing the Vietnam War had tapered off and the movie guns were sold by the hundreds by the movie houses to distributors nationwide. GSAD however, had been in the firearms importation business for many years prior. Their claim to fame was being an importer of Enfield type rifles. They also imported weapons under the name Globco as early as 1957. GSAD is also to have been rumored as the source of firearms for the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well a clandestine asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. GSAD is known to have imported rifles in the 053xx range, as well as atleast serial #'s 0787x through 09xxx, in both fixed stock and underfolding configurations. "Double-underfold" models with folding spike bayonets and underfolding stocks have also been reported. GSAD imports are usually marked over the trigger guard on the left side of the receiver.




Email from Erik of GSAD:"I imported thousands of these in the 1980's through my company, GSAD Inc. of Manhattan Beach, Ca. These are top quality AK's with and are considered among the best pre-ban Chinese AK-47 rifles.The serious AK collector will never be able to surpass this as the center piece of an AK collection."=================================================================From the California State Government records:GOLDEN STATE ARMS DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Number: C1253492 Date Filed: 7/27/1984 Status: suspended Jurisdiction: California Address * 1097 AVIATION BLVD.HERMOSA BEACH, CA 90254 Agent for Service of Process ERIK J. BERRY 630 MARY ANN DRIVE REDONDO BEACH, CA 90278 =================================================================Original researcher contacted Erik Berry:Hi DaveIn 1984 I formed GSAD (Golden State Arms Distributors, Inc) We ripped off the name from the original Golden State Arms the was in business in Pasadena, Ca. in the 50's and 60's.Our address in Manhattan Beach was 205 South Kuhn Street, which was the back door of my retail outlet, Beach Cities Armoury. I was a distributor of all the major firearms manufacturers. I imported surplus military guns and also newly manufactured AK rifles from China. We brought in one 40' container per month, each container held 3900 rifles. I was also an importer and seller of machine guns for law enforcement agencies. We exported guns as well. I had several retail stores, South Bay Armoury in Carson, California, Cerritos Armoury in Artesia California, and Fremont Discount Guns in Fremont, Ca.The AK rifles we imported were made by "Jing-An". Jing-An was the manufacturing arm of the Chinese Police/secret police agencies, as opposed to Norinco who was affiliated with the army. As I recall, in the begining, we imported the Norinco product as well. There was only myself in LA, Ed Faust at Pacific International in Sacramento (Inter-American Import-Export and Armex were his other names)and someone in New York (Jovino?) importing those guns in the begining.I have some of my old files of import licenses, advertising and mailing materials, etc. I would be delighted to scan some of that and share it with you if you'd like.Feel free to ask any question you like and if my memory has an answer I'll share it with you happily. Warm regards,


Erik" -      Link here : 






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*** This rifle has a lower serial number than any I have seen reported***



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