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Norinco China 84s-3A

Norinco China 84s-3A

This pre-89 Norinco 84s-3A is a very rare rifle.

The bayonet lug and detent/muzzle device are correct and original. The important metal parts match. The gas tube numbers do not match. These .223/5.56 variants are hard to come by nowadays.

The rifle comes with a tightly-fitting Yugoslavian bayonet (someone sharpened it) that is obviously not original but it looks great and fits perfect.

The stock appears original. The grip has a “China” sticker on it but I can’t tell if it’s a really obscure Chinese grip or a replacement. I am fairly confident the upper and lower hand guard are not original but they fit perfectly and the rifle looks great. The gas tube numbers do not match. There are not many of these around to compare small details but my assessment of the gun is consistent with my understanding of how these guns appeared when imported, which is the best I can do….

Gun comes with the original Chinese flat-back .223/5.56 mag.

I have more mags for sale if interested.

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