Norinco China NHM 90  (5.56/.223 caliber)

Norinco China NHM 90 (5.56/.223 caliber)

This is a very unusual rifle. It appears to be another transitional rifle that was re-named at some point prior to being released for sale around 1989-90. The original info was milled off and NHM 90 was crudely electro-penciled near the SN (see last picture). The rifle has Bishop future, which was nice walnut that an American company produced for the Chinese rifles due to complaints from American consumers about the lower quality Chinese wood that came on later Chinese rifles. This rifle appears used on the outside, but is ridiculously clean inside. It may not have been fired ever due to the appearance of the gas piston and internal parts. You can take the gun down and see for yourself. This rifle comes with  pre-ban, Chinese 30 AND 15 round magazines and is chambered in .223/5.56. It has a threaded barrel with a correct, Chinese bird-cage flash hider.