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Pre-89 ban CLAYCO AKS Min Shan Factory

This is one of the first Chinese AK variants imported into the USA and there will never be any more imported after the 1994 ban. This rifle was made at the Min Shan Factory in China, later to be used to manufacture Norinco and Polytech rifles after Norinco formed in 1988.  This CLAYCO import has the Chinese "green" bakelite furniture and is all matching numbers. The "green" is very subtle and is more visible in highger lighting conditions but it is not the more common black bakelite. There is a matching "green" bayonet with it that has a different serial number electro-penciled on it. These rifles are highly desireable amoung collectors due to the reputation they have for high build quality. Chinese AK variants (stamped ones) are stamped from 1.5mm steel instead of the more common 1mm stamped recievers that are produced in most countries. If you are a collector of Chinese AK variants, you are familiar with how rare this rifle is. Call with questions or to view the rifle. There is still cosmoline in this rifle from storage. It appears unfired but I can not guarantee that. The rifle is currently on Gunbroker as well.