Swedish (Norwegian?) Nagant revolver 7.5 mm Revolver m/1887

7.5 x 22 mm french caliber (I heard it will fire .32 acp but I can't verify this is safe)

1887 Brevet Nagant Revolver -m This may be a Belgian contract gun but I am not 100 percent sure. The cylinder spins on this gun. Tight action. 

Here's a little bit I read about this revolver: In 1887 a new revolver in 7,5 mm, system Nagant, was accepted for officers of the armed forces. The locking mechanism was a variation of the Galand construction from 1870 which raise the hammer to a safe position from the cartridge. These revolvers were produced by Nagant in Liége and by Husqvarna.1893 a modification was accepted which prevented the drum from moving, when the revolver was not cockedThis revolver was used until 1945 by the home guard units. The revolver was also used by special units for dog training with blank shots as late as 1989.In the 1950s some revolvers were converted by Svenska Metallverken to fire the .32 ACP.This model was used by the Swedish National Shooting Organization.Some revolvers were renewed in the 1950s and were then used by a military organization called Verkskyddet. These para-military units were put up by the State Railways, the Royal Telegraph, the Department of Transportation (responsible for bridges and ferries), all power plants and power distribution companies, as well as some strategically important industries. Most of these revolvers were sold on the civilian market in the early 1980s. The Army, as well as the Police, has used the m/87 for firing blanks while training dogs until now. (credit- http://www.gotavapen.se/gota/artiklar/swedishpistols/swedpist_g.htm)


This revolver is C&R eligible. 



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